Our Services

Debt Recovery and Management is what we do. It is our business and we are glad to offer you our services. Our primary aim is to secure full payment as quickly as possible whilst maintaining your relationship with your customer. Our proven approach to collecting overdue invoices for businesses of every type and size, Nationwide is based on years of specialist debt recovery experience.

How We Work

UPHOLD recovery’s proven approach to collecting late commercial invoices results from many years of specialist debt collection experience. Our primary objective is to recover full payment as quickly as possible while maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Overdue invoices can negatively affect your business if not handled quickly and correctly. They can seriously affect cash flow, turnover, credit ratings and even your business' reputation. When these situations arise having an effective credit management strategy in place is crucial in order to combat and escalate the problem.

A dependable third party debt collection agency is a common business practice when resolving overdue payments. Debt recovery can be difficult, especially in this part of the world; it's always best to act promptly and with the help of trained and experienced collectors.

Debt recovery is the collection of late payments from businesses that have failed to pay the outstanding they owe for goods or services provided. The requirements of each client and the circumstances of each debt are rarely the same, and need to be thoroughly understood to bring about the most effective resolution.

Our Approach to Collection

Your outstanding is handled by our trained and experienced Nation Collection Network and collected in close proximity to your debtor. Our debt collection process consists of a series of escalating letters, phone calls, emails, and in some cases visits, to obtain payment. We can provide tracing services for debtors who have moved premises or cannot be contacted. Our aim is to collect full payment amicably, but for those that do require legal proceedings we can provide advice and action via our lawyers.

We put our customers’ success at the very heart of our strategy. We are determined to understand specific business needs and support the long-term success for our diverse customers.

We employ some of the most experienced collection people in Nigeria, and then we build on their expertise by giving them the very best tools, resources and support to ensure that our customers recover their overdue accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We guide our customers as to the most appropriate and cost effective course of recovery action.

We encourage our people to get to know the unique circumstances of every business we serve, which means our people develop and maintain close working relationships with each customer, and build collection strategies to suit their business and their industry.

Together we determine what needs to be done - from sending a reminder to taking legal action. Your cash flow is our priority and we ensure to execute a collection strategy that suits your debt management needs.

Because UPHOLD delivers Superior results, every UPHOLD client is assured the same level of First-class, Quality services tailored to suit individual needs and requirements …regardless of Geographical location.

Our Services include:

  • Debt Purchasing
  • Domestic Debt Recovery
  • A ‘No Recovery, No Fee
  • Visits To Debtor For Credit Evaluation And Negotiation Of Payment Schedules
  • Credit Management Solutions
  • Prudent, Cost-Effective Legal proceedings
  • Letter Distribution For Volume Debtors
  • Quick And Professional Client And Third-Party Communications
  • Training


Our charges depend on the size, age, complexity and how overdue your invoice is. One-off recovery will be more expensive than when you regularly use our FIRM to pursue all unpaid debts.  

Advisory Services

We provide customers with consultancy services by giving them information and support on how to improve they cash-flow. Consequently, become capable of meeting financial obligation.

UPHOLD Litigations

When needed, our in-house debt collection attorneys can sue your debtor wherever they are located when reason and negotiation fail, they are able to litigate and execute the claim for us. However, this cannot be done without your consent. UPHOLD Collections always aim to collect your outstanding payments amicably. Should legal action be required, we can handle the full process from initial advice through to judgment and enforcement. We will always inform you of any additional costs before action is taken and advise you regarding cost versus potential success.

UPHOLD Corporate Objective:

Our primary aim is to secure full payment as quickly as possible whilst maintaining your relationship with your customer. Our proven approach to collecting overdue invoices for businesses of every type and size, Nationwide, is based on over years of specialist debt recovery experience.

Why Chose Us?

Partnering With Uphold Collections, Your Business Will Benefit From:
  • Worldwide 24/7 support through local office and partners and our online system, ensuring that you stay informed at every stage of the collection process.
  • Substantial sums returned to you through our comprehensive location and tracing systems.
  • No need for administration.
  • No need to allocate your own resources.
  • Launch your business on the path of sustainable growth
  • Improve your business leverage
  • Enable you to take advantage of business opportunity
  • Efficient and speedy debt collection, relieving you of a time- and energy-consuming process
  • Efficient, effective management of your debt collection issue - we speak the debtor’s language, know your debtor’s customs and the local laws, the debtor’s time zone and currency.
  • If we don’t collect your debt, you don’t pay us.
  • Reduction of days sales outstanding and write-offs, improving the cash flow of your business.
Our years of experience in recouping outstanding monies has taught us the value of turning local expertise to global account. This is why we fervently believe that local partners are the most suitable entities to tackle the complex debt collection challenges you face.

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Whether another business owes you money, have a difficult customer who is refusing to pay up on time, or simply unable to get back a loan that you had given to an individual. With our experience, Ethical and Robust Debt Recovery Services, we can deal with any situation imaginable, in an expedient and professional manner.
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