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Uphold Consult Ltd

A Debt Management and Credit Control Consulting Firm in Nigeria

UPHOLD recovery’s proven approach to collecting late commercial invoices results from many years of specialist debt collection experience. Our primary objective is to recover full payment as quickly as possible while maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Overdue invoices can negatively affect your business if not handled quickly and correctly. They can seriously affect cash flow, turnover, credit ratings and even your business' reputation. When these situations arise having an effective credit management strategy in place is crucial in order to combat and escalate the problem.

A dependable third party debt collection agency is a common business practice when resolving overdue payments. Debt recovery can be difficu Container lt, especially in this part of the world; it's always best to act promptly and with the help of trained and experienced collectors.

Debt recovery is the collection of late payments from businesses that have failed to pay the outstanding they owe for goods or services provided. The requirements of each client and the circumstances of each debt are rarely the same, and need to be thoroughly understood to bring about the most effective resolution.

Our Clients

Our clients are both small and large-scale businesses, government (public), and non-governmental organizations, schools, healthcare related organizations, media houses, financial institutions etc.

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Whether another business owes you money, have a difficult customer who is refusing to pay up on time, or simply unable to get back a loan that you had given to an individual. With our experience, Ethical and Robust Debt Recovery Services, we can deal with any situation imaginable, in an expedient and professional manner.
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